13.1 Plain-rimmed dish, with chamfer

Gillam 1970, type 328 (160-200)


Type example:

South Shields, 6154 (c.213). Dark grey fabric and surfaces with patchy buff finish. Burnishing/slip does not extend onto the lower surface of the base.


Other examples:

A. South Shields, 4957 (mid-fourth). Mid-grey core with pale margins and patchy mid/dark grey surfaces.

B. South Shields, 22357 (c.225 - late third/early fourth). Wide mid-grey core, with speckled light grey/buff surfaces that have lost their original burnishing. One very large hard white inclusion.

C. Wallsend, E08:27 (c.270). Dark grey surfaces, buff and white in parts. Wide grey core with thin buff margins and plentiful soft black inclusions.

D. Wallsend, Q04:12 (c.225/35 - late third/early fourth). Dark grey exterior, brown margins and a wide dark grey core.

E. Wallsend, 2153 (after c.230). Fine black fabric with very thin buff margin towards the interior. Black exterior surface, with only a touch of a patchy buff finish.

F. (variant) Wallsend, E08:27 (c.270). Wide pale grey core, dark grey margins and surfaces. Patchy light grey finish. Soft black inclusions.

Images of other examples