18.1 Rounded-rimmed dish, with chamfer

Gillam 1970, types 312-3 (190-240)


Type example:

South Shields, 20721 (c.225). Black fabric with a thin buff margin to the interior, black surfaces. Occasional noticable white inclusions.


Other examples:

A. Wallsend, E08:27 (c.270). Dark grey fabric, with a wide dark grey core and thin pale grey margins. Occasional soft black inclusions.

B. Wallsend, E08:29 (c.270). Wide dark grey core and thin buff margins. Dark grey surfaces with patchy buff/white finish.

C. Wallsend, E08:29 (c.270).

D. Wallsend, H07:09 (c.225/35 - late third/early fourth). Black core with brown margins and fine white inclusions. Dark grey surfaces with some white patches on the walls and rim.

Images of other examples