4.1 Poppy-headed beaker with bardotine dot decoration

Monaghan 1987, type 2A1-5 (70-90 to 150/160-190)

Gillam 1970, types 70-1 (120-200; 150-200)


Type example:

South Shields (Morton Walk excavations). Published: Bidwell 1994, fig. 4, no. 4. Very fine buff fabric, and plentiful soft black inclusions of assorted size. Originally had highly polished silvery grey slip on the exterior.


Other examples:

A. South Shields, 13207 (Trajanic? to Hadrianic). Published: Bidwell and Speak 1994, fig. 8.8, no. 12. Wide pink core with light grey surfaces, and occasional red and fine black inclusions. Pale grey/white slip over rim and shoulder.

B. South Shields, SS79, layer 100 (after c.225). Published: Miket 1983, no. 643a. Very fine black fabric with buff margins and mid-grey surfaces. Highly polished exterior slip on the exterior and pale grey bardotine dots.


Images of other examples