6.2 Rounded everted rim, with defined shoulder

Monaghan 1987, type 3H7 (170-230-300)

Type example:

Wallsend, E08:44 (cistern fill: c.270). Coarse, mid-grey fabric, slightly brown margins and mid-grey core. Sooted.

Other examples:

A. Wallsend, K05:22 (c.225/35 - late third/early fourth). Gritty fabric with plentiful rounded, multi-coloured flint, large annular white and soft black inclusions. Mid-grey surfaces, slightly oxidised, with thin pale grey margins and wide mid-grey core.
B. South Shields vicus, SS73 (unstratified). Published: Dore and Gillam 1979, no. 288 'hard, dull reddish-grey with sparkling grit'.


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