7. Gillam 151

Monaghan 1987, type 3L (50-250)

Gillam 1970, type 151 (190-260)


Type example:

Wallsend, D14:10 (buried pot: c.225/35 - late third/early fourth). Gritty fabric, with oxidised exterior.


Other examples:

A. South Shields, 22802 (c.225 - late third/early fourth). Gritty fabric, black to the exterior and pale grey to the interior. Mid-grey interior surface and dark grey exterior surface with lightly oxidised surface.

B. South Shields, 3909 (c.225). Coarse dark grey fabric with brown margins in places, with dark grey exterior surface slightly oxidised in places.

C. Newcastle (used as a cremation vessel). Published: Bidwell and Speak 1994, fig. 8.7, no. 2. 'Light reddish-brown sandy fabric' (Gillam 1967, 134).

D. South Shields, 24150 (c.225 - late third/early fourth). Wide orange core, noticable fine white inclusions, mid-grey surfaces which are oxidised on the exterior. Possible thin slip on rim.

E. Wallsend, BS94 435 (third century). Gritty fabric, with noticable white inclusions as well as fine black inclusions. Pale grey core, orange margins and speckled orange and grey surfaces.


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