9. Plain or slightly bead-rimmed jar

Subsumed within Gillam 1970 types 118 (125-160) and 170 (130-180)

Cam 328 (although quite rare at Colchester)
Monaghan 1987, type 3E5 (120/130-170-190)


Type example:

Wallsend, N05:20 (fourth century). BB2 fabric. Dark grey fabric lightly oxidised on the exterior. Slip over rim and shoulders, pale grey and orange in patches.


Other examples:

A. Wallsend, E11:14 (c.225/35 - late third/early fourth). SENK fabric. Light grey core, brown margins and light grey surfaces, speckled with fine black inclusions.

B. Newcastle, 2906 (Antonine). Published: Bidwell and Croom 2002, fig. 15.4, no. 12. BB2 fabric.

Images of other examples


Examples from area of production:
Southwark: Marsh and Tyers 1978, fig. 235, type IIA.17, dated 130-180/200.
London: Davies et al 1994, fig. 97, no.s 626-7. Appears in the Hadrianic period, but with 'the majority from early Antonine contexts'.
Richborough: Pollard 1988, fig. 40, no. 114. No kiln sites are yet known to have produced it, and only eight examples are known in Kent (ibid., 89).


Examples (in BB2) from the Antonine Wall:
Old Kirkpatrick: Miller 1928, pl. XXI, no. 25 (with two other examples).
Mumrills: Gillam 1960-1, fig. 12, no.s 29-31.
Strageath: Anderson 1989, fig. 121, no. 105.
Cramond: Maxwell 1974, fig. 21, no.s 44-45.
Absent from Balmuildy and Birrens.