Broomhill, High Mickley, Prudhoe


A cist burial was discovered at Broomhill, Prudhoe in Northumberland in 1975, some 16 km west of Newcastle upon Tyne. The cist was disturbed by ploughing, which reveal the capping stone and bones beneath. The cist was constructed of sandstone slabs arranged in a box shape with a capping over the top.


Within the cist, lying on its side lay a Food Vessel. The Food vessel tripartite with decoration over the exterior and rim, comprised of a combination of twisted cord running horizontally across the vessel in groups of two or three and stabbing in a herring-bone motif. The fabric was dark grey with common gravel-sized inclusions, often protruding from the surface. The vessel was in very poor condition and required considerable conservation. On the floor of the cist, near the vessel, lay the scattered cremated bones of a young child.