Pelton, County Durham


During excavation on a farm at Pelton, County Durham, sherds of two pottery vessels were found. The first appears to be a large, robust Beaker, decorated profusely on the body with impressed decoration, possibly made with a twig or bird bone applied obliquely to the vessel walls. This decoration is reminiscent of that found on several Beakers locally, including the Hasting Hill Beaker and the Wether Hill Beaker, which demonstrate basic impressed decoration rather than the characteristic Beaker comb decoration.

The second vessel is more difficult to identify, but appears to be some form of hemispherical bowl with a plain rim. The decoration is badly worn, but it appears to have been decorated with bands of incised or impressed chevrons. The surface of the decoration is too worn to identify the exact method of decoration.

These pots are important because of where they are found. Neither vessel was found in association with a burial, which is how prehistoric pottery is normally found. Rather, these pots were found in a domestic situation. This suggest that not all pots were destined to end up in burials.

The pots are also important as they are a rare example of prehistoric pottery from County Durham.