Food Vessels



1. Tripartite Food Vessel with herring-bone style comb decoration and five perforated stops. Denton Hall, Newcastle upon Tyne. Location: Great North Museum. (After Miket 1984).

2. Food Vessel with comb decoration. Axwell Sandy Quarry, Gateshead. Location: South Shields Roman Fort, TWCMS F2580.

3. Food Vessel with impressed cord maggots, lozenges, and in-filled triangles. Villa Reale, Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne. Great North Museum 1828.5. (After Miket 1984).

4. Tripartite Food Vessel with twisted cord decoration on the rim and stops and in the concave zone. The rim and shoulder are also decorated with coarse twisted cord maggots. The interior has a yellow-brown accretion and traces of soot. Washing Well Farm, Whickham. Location: South Shields Roman Fort TWCMS F2588. (After Miket 1984).

5. Food Vessel with incised hatching and lattice on the body. Bewes Hill, Stargate. Location: Great North Museum NEWHM: 2003. H236. (After Miket 1984).