Thorpe Thewles, Cleveland


This Iron Age site is located in farmland 1km north of the modern village of Thorpe Thewles in Cleveland. Occupation on the site appears to have began some time in the Mid Iron Age and continued into the Roman period up to the second century.

Thermoluminescent dating of Iron Age pottery resulted in dates ranging from around 500 BC in Phase II, the second half of the second century BC in Phase III and into the Roman period in Phase IV.

The native pottery is typical of locally produced wares as they change very little over a long period of time in both fabric and form. There are a variety of rim types including small everted rim, plain rim and the more exotic flat rim, but generally it is difficult to assign a rim type to a specific period with the Iron Age. Forms included bowls, jars, crucibles and thumb pots. There were severals fabrics some of which included dolerite opening material. Unusually for the north, some vessel were decorated with simple thumb, impressed motifs, or cabling around the rim.