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Ivor and Lila

My visual memories

A photo of Ivor and LilaA photo of Lila

Ivor and Lila lived in South Shields before moving to Sunderland. Ivor's parents came from Lithuania in the 1900s. Lila moved from Belfast to South Shields when she was 17 years old. Ivor and Lila owned a music shop on King Street in South Shields.

Ivor and Lila were interviewed by Victoria Rogers on the 9th May 2006, the interview took place in South Shields Museum and lasted for 2 hours fifteen minutes.

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Choosing a name

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They moved other members of the family over, their sister and their two brothers, three brothers and eventually their mum and dad. So the whole family and our little bit of the Shabel family which is what their name was, were all here. It was quite nice. What was your father's name? Well he called himself Saville. It's a very good story this, worth telling, but his name was Shabel or something like that. And it's not, it's understandable because soyble as you would spell it is a Russian word for Furrier, Shabel...soyble became a word they used for sabel. In those days it wasn't considered to be very cool to have a foreign sounding name. This is before World War one, don't forget, but it still wasn't cool so Uncle Pearlman in South Shields said, 'got to think of a better name for you.' And they lived in Wharton Street which is up Westoe Road but not a long way away from Saville Street and he said, 'why don't you call yourself Saville?' It's pretty close to Shabel and it's a well known name in South Shields and he pointed out the street.

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