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Ivor and Lila

My visual memories

A photo of Ivor and LilaA photo of Lila

Ivor and Lila lived in South Shields before moving to Sunderland. Ivor's parents came from Lithuania in the 1900s. Lila moved from Belfast to South Shields when she was 17 years old. Ivor and Lila owned a music shop on King Street in South Shields.

Ivor and Lila were interviewed by Victoria Rogers on the 9th May 2006, the interview took place in South Shields Museum and lasted for 2 hours fifteen minutes.

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Life in Russia

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He would have no semblance of Russian culture in his background because he was a peasant and a Jewish peasant. And because of the difficulties they experienced under the Tsar they kept themselves very much to themselves. They dressed, I suppose, similar to Russian peasants. Don't forget the Revolution. I believe it was probably justified although I didn't think it was quite necessary to shoot Tsar Nicholas and his family but you know the peasants were downtrodden. So in a way, they had little Jewish villages. I suppose there were some non Jewish people there as well but he never spoke about it. He always said in our village we did this, we did that; it was very Jewish if you know what I mean. They ate Jewish food. They ate kosher food. They didn't have a synagogue but you don't need a synagogue. They worshipped on a Saturday in somebody's house or I think they had a little a hut which they used to meet in. It was one of the first things a group of Jews would do, they would build a room. It doesn't have to be a synagogue, you don't need a synagogue. A synagogue is just another building; their synagogue would be a hut. Dad never ever saw a large city in Russia, never. The nearest I think, no he never even saw the capital now of Lithuania is, And he was never there, my maternal grandmother came from Lithuania there, don't ask me about how she got over because I don't know. She spoke Scottish with a Lithuanian accent, very difficult to understand!

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