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Ivor and Lila

My visual memories

A photo of Ivor and LilaA photo of Lila

Ivor and Lila lived in South Shields before moving to Sunderland. Ivor's parents came from Lithuania in the 1900s. Lila moved from Belfast to South Shields when she was 17 years old. Ivor and Lila owned a music shop on King Street in South Shields.

Ivor and Lila were interviewed by Victoria Rogers on the 9th May 2006, the interview took place in South Shields Museum and lasted for 2 hours fifteen minutes.

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Moving to South Shields, part two

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Anyway the family persuaded my father to give it a try, his parents didn't want him him to come really but they said it would be a better opportunity for him, a better opportunity for my sister and I, and that's how we came to live in South Shields. How long did he work for Simey? A couple of years, not very long. Of course it was the first time we lived in a modern house because in Belfast where I grew up, I was born into a house where we didn't have a bathroom unlike my husband - you know, this is how we were brought up, it hasn't made any difference to me and I appreciated everything that I have had since.

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