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Ivor and Lila

My visual memories

A photo of Ivor and LilaA photo of Lila

Ivor and Lila lived in South Shields before moving to Sunderland. Ivor's parents came from Lithuania in the 1900s. Lila moved from Belfast to South Shields when she was 17 years old. Ivor and Lila owned a music shop on King Street in South Shields.

Ivor and Lila were interviewed by Victoria Rogers on the 9th May 2006, the interview took place in South Shields Museum and lasted for 2 hours fifteen minutes.

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The end of Saturday services in South Shields

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It was odd because it seemed to just sort of disintegrate and disappear. Yes, it's a good expression that because you know they were desperately trying to keep some sort of service in the synagogue going. They did it totally irreligiously in my view. We had already moved away but in fact I still went back. I was still in business in the town in early days. They didn't have Saturday morning services, they just couldn't get them, but they had a tradition. For many years, they weren't getting a Saturday morning service but they had a tradition for many years of having a Friday night service which is almost as important and of course there were three of us, myself and my friend Alf Gatoff, the tailor and John Sadlik the manager from Marks and Spencer's all now living in Sunderland. But before we went home on Friday night, six o clock come summer and winter which is a bit odd, but I don't want to go into the details because it does vary. We used to drive up to the synagogue, park in front of it, have the evening service and go home. Bit by bit, I closed the business down and I was unemployed for eighteen months. I gave up running a car because I didn't think I could afford it and it became inconvenient to go so I stopped coming. Jeff Caplan used to come, another guy, a doctor from Sunderland who was born in South Shields. He used to come over, if three or four of us stopped coming, they couldn't have a service.

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