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Ivor and Lila

My visual memories

A photo of Ivor and LilaA photo of Lila

Ivor and Lila lived in South Shields before moving to Sunderland. Ivor's parents came from Lithuania in the 1900s. Lila moved from Belfast to South Shields when she was 17 years old. Ivor and Lila owned a music shop on King Street in South Shields.

Ivor and Lila were interviewed by Victoria Rogers on the 9th May 2006, the interview took place in South Shields Museum and lasted for 2 hours fifteen minutes.

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Closure of the South Shields Synagogue

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You see some people say to us, they used to say about South Shields, 'can you not meet in each others houses?' That's fine, yeah sure, we can meet. You don't have to have a synagogue. You could worship in here, you could worship outside, that is possible but you need ten men above the age of thirteen. If you haven't got them, you can't really do justice, you can still.... Since last October, apart from March twenty-fifth which was our last service, we haven't had a full service. It's becoming nonsensical and that had happened here. So we went to London for Passover. I don't feel obliged to have to go to synagogue every Saturday morning, not whereas I did before because if I didn't, who knows what would have happened? They might have bacon sandwiches or something like that! No, they wouldn't but now we don't feel any restrictions. We can go and stay with our sister-in-law, I am sure she will have us, and go to synagogue there where I have a cousin, second cousin actually.

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