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My visual memories

A photo of Nonek

Nonek was born in Warsaw, Poland. Nonek was studying in Toulouse, France when World War Two broke out. He escaped France and fled to England where he lived in London before moving to Newcastle. He has lived here ever since.

Nonke was interviewed by Anita Wan on 28 June 2006. The interview took place in the participant's home and lasted for 1 hour 44 minutes.

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Coming from Poland

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I explain to you where Nonek came to me. I was born in Warsaw, Poland; the capital city of Poland, the language is Polish. Now, given the name, I was given Nathan but the same thing applies in English you don't call a little baby James but is endearment is Jimmy, so in Polish for a male you add 'ek' on the end. So instead of Nathan is Nathanek but is too long so they called me Nonek you see, that stuck to me, it was in 1916 actually Warsaw was then under German occupation, it was during the First World War.

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