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My visual memories

A photo of Nonek

Nonek was born in Warsaw, Poland. Nonek was studying in Toulouse, France when World War Two broke out. He escaped France and fled to England where he lived in London before moving to Newcastle. He has lived here ever since.

Nonke was interviewed by Anita Wan on 28 June 2006. The interview took place in the participant's home and lasted for 1 hour 44 minutes.

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Friends Reunited

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I waited in Tottenham Court Road, have you heard of Tottenham Court Road? For a bus to take me back to my digs and I was waiting. The queue was fantastic and a taxi went by and then stopped and started to reverse. When it was in line with me, the passenger window opened and a big ginger headed fellow stuck his head out and shouted to me in English Excuse me are you Nonek Jacobson from Warsaw? I say Yes. He said You don't recognise me and I said No. He pulled me into me in the taxi. You see, I belonged to a Jewish sports club, which had a football section, a boxing section, basketball, a swimming section. Now he belonged there as well but I left in 1934 after my matriculation, I hadn't seen him for years, but he recognized me and anyway he wanted to know what happened to me, he shouted I am sure you were dead. I went to my digs and I put the kettle on, I had gas ring and I had a tin with some biscuits and this fellow insisted that we go for a meal, we went to Lyons Corner house, have you heard of Lyons Corner house? And he paid for the meal. I was getting six pound a week it wasn't a bad wage in those days. He started asking all different questions of what I can do and I told him, and then he gave me his card and said he would be in touch and he left. He started phoning me and writing me letters to come and visit him in Newcastle.

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