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My visual memories

A photo of Sarah

Sarah was born in Elswick in 1924. Sarah joined the Auxiliary Territorial Service when she was 17, serving 4 years in the Services. She worked in the Civil Service in Newcastle until 1952 and was transferred to London in 1953. She moved back to Newcastle in 1960 with her husband.

Sarah was interviewed by Kylea Little on Thursday 8th June 2006. The interview took place in the participant's home and lasted for 53 minutes.

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My Husband's Family

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My husband was proud to become naturalized and? I? I mean he was naturalized before I met him. He liked living up here 'cos I used to say, do you not sometimes wish we were living back in London? 'Cos the first six years or nearly six years of our marriage we lived in London in this furnished flat. He used to say, what's the good? We couldn't afford to get a house down there so make the best of it. He was the one who would always make the best of things, I suppose, having had the troubled and traumatic experiences of being in Germany. I don't know? he always seemed to appreciate what this? what had happened to him, you know, when he came to this country.

His eldest sister came when she was thirteen years of age, only thirteen, in 1933 and he? Joe came in 1939, March 1939. His father came in? I think it was the June, and his mother and youngest sister, his youngest sister was only two when she came. She came with her mother in 19? just a few days before the war began. So the immediate family, mother, father and sisters were in England so he was really fortunate in that respect. But having said that, he was? his father was interned and Joe was interned. Joe went to? to the Isle of Man and then went to Canada. He was interned in Canada for about fifteen or sixteen months and then came back. I mean, I met him in? when was it? 19? 1952 I think it was when I met and we were married in1954.

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