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AFT: Towards the stern of the ship

AHEAD: Forward direction of travel

ASTERN: Movement of the ships engines necessary to reverse direction from going ahead. Also when this operation has been carried out it becomes the direction of the ship

BOW: Fore part of the ship.

BRIDGE, DOCKING: Narrow structure towards the stern of a ship used to obtain a clear view when docking.

BUNKER: Compartment for the storage of coal or oil fuel.

DOLPHIN: A mooring point formed by driving poles into the bed of the harbour.

DOUBLE BOTTOM: Space between the double plating at the bottom of the ship. Divided into separate tanks it is often used for the carriage of water ballast.

FORE: Towards the bow or forward part of the ship.

FRAMES: Steel ribs or girders on the inside of the hull to to give strength and rigidity and allow the fixing of the side plates. Usually numbered consecutively from aft.

GALLEY: Kitchen

GENERAL ARRANGEMENT: Drawing(s) showing the configuration of the ship.

KEEL: Line of uninterrupted plating the full length of the bottom of a ship always laid down first.

KNOT: Nautical unit of speed. 1 knot = 1.14 miles per hour.

MIDSHIP SECTION: Transverse section of a ship at the mid point of her length.

PORT: Left hand side of ship when looking forward.

STARBOARD: Right hand side of ship when looking forward.
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