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Welcome to the Remembering Slavery Research Zone. This section contains links to some of the research that was undertaken during 2007 and 2008.

The Remembering Slavery project included an Archive Mapping and Research Project which identified and listed the slavery-related archives and documents held by four key record offices and libraries in the region:

The results of the Archive Mapping and Research Project are on a Resource Disc which can be viewed at each of the partner organisations.

Although the Remembering Slavery project has drawn to a close, the Archive Mapping and Research Project group is continuing its work, now called the North East Slavery and Abolition Group (NESAG). The group can be contacted at the Literary and Philosophical Society: For copies of the NESAG newsletter please email or view at

This page highlights some of the research conducted by members of the group as well as by staff at Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums and local academics.


  1. John Charlton's lecture

    The slavery business and Northeast England, a lecture given by John Charlton at The Literary and Philosophical Society, Newcastle upon Tyne on 14 October 2008.


  1. Remembering Slavery booklet

  2. Remembering Slavery book

Published articles

  1. Journal of the North East Labour History Society,  North East History, volume 39, 2008

    In commemoration of the bicentenary, North East History volume 39 features a selection of articles dealing with the connections between the North East, the slave trade, slave production and the campaign for abolition.

    • Introduction by John Charlton
    • Black People and the North East by Sean Creighton
    • America, Slavery and North East Quakers by Patricia Hix
    • The Republic of Letters by Peter Livsey
    • A Northmbrian Family in Jamaica - the Hendersons of Felton by Valerie Glass
    • Sunderland and Abolition by Tamsin Lilley

    For further information about the North East labour History Society

  2. Journal of the Quaker Studies Research Assocition, Quaker Studies, volume 13, issue 2, March 2009

    Volume 13 of Quaker Studies featured an article called 'There's Death in the Pot!': The British Free Produce Movement and the Religious Society of Friends, with particular reference to the North East of England by Elizabeth A. O'Donnell.

    For further information about the Quaker Studies Research Association

Unpublished research

  1. Sunderland's links to the trans-Atlantic slave trade by Tamsin Lilley, TWAM, January 2008

    by Tamsin Lilley, Curatorial Assistant (Remembering Slavery project), Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums

    This article highlights the significant contribution of key individuals who were involved in the endless campaigns in Sunderland against the trans-Atlantic slave trade and slavery itself. It places these in the context of some of the key milestones in the national and international campaign. The main focus lies in the first wave of abolition from 1780 up until the 1807 Act but it also covers later activity in Sunderland, with particular reference to visits made by African-American abolitionists.

    This article was written for inclusion in the North East History Journal 2008.

  2. South Shields' Links to the trans-Atlantic slave trade by Tamsin Lilley, TWAM, June 2008

    by Tamsin Lilley, Curatorial Assistant (Remembering Slavery project), Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums

    this document uncovers some of the links South Shields had with the abominable trade. It will highlight the town's support for the anti-slavery cause as well as visits made to the area by William Wells Brown, the leading American anti-slavery campaigner


  1. Evaluation Report for Remembering Slavery 2007 by Cultural Partnerships, January 2009

    This report has been produced to evaluate the quantitative and qualitative impact of the Remembering Slavery 2007 project in terms of visitors, participants, museum staff and other key individuals and partners involved in its delivery. The report has been commissioned by Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums and produced by Susan Priestley of Cultural Partnerships Limited.

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Buy your own copy of 'Hidden Chains: the Slavery Business and North East England' by John Charlton, published in 2008.

'John Charlton's account is pioneering and revealing: a bold statement of new findings', James Walvin.

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Read the reviews: Museums Journal and Social History in Museums

Read the booklet

For a summary of the Remembering Slavery research, download the project booklet by John Charlton, published in 2007.

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