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Andy Masterman

Andy was born in Walker, Newcastle upon Tyne in 1930 and he grew up in Wallsend. He went to school in Wallsend and left when he was fourteen years old in 1945. Andy first worked at Parsons and joined Swan Hunter in April 1947 when he was seventeen years old. His training lasted for five years and at twenty-two years old he became a qualified plumber. Later on in his career he became a foreman and later an area manager and then Senior Area Manager. Andy worked at Swan Hunter for forty-six years until 1992.

Andy was interviewed by Laura Brown on 2 March 2007. The interview took place at the participants home and lasted for 54 minutes.

Andy Masterman's Memories

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Another thing on the shipyard is the day you started someone would give you a nickname and that would stick! Just a few month ago I said – we were out and I said “oh here’s this lad I’ll show you. This is the carrier bag. He says “Oh I wondered who the carrier bag was!” I said “Jackie Hetherington is his name but he gets called a carrier bag because the day he started he had a plastic carrier bag and everybody used to say where’s the carrier bag?” So in shipbuilding I was the Grey Wolf, the Haversack, the Scarf and the Go-go dancer! These were all things that I was named. My wife thought it was great!