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Andy Masterman

Andy was born in Walker, Newcastle upon Tyne in 1930 and he grew up in Wallsend. He went to school in Wallsend and left when he was fourteen years old in 1945. Andy first worked at Parsons and joined Swan Hunter in April 1947 when he was seventeen years old. His training lasted for five years and at twenty-two years old he became a qualified plumber. Later on in his career he became a foreman and later an area manager and then Senior Area Manager. Andy worked at Swan Hunter for forty-six years until 1992.

Andy was interviewed by Laura Brown on 2 March 2007. The interview took place at the participants home and lasted for 54 minutes.

Andy Masterman's Memories

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Noise! You miss the noise. You miss the buzzer in the morning at 25 past 7 – you still miss that y’know and on a new years eve all the ships used to sound their sirens. You miss a lot of things y’know. The noise never bothered you. I mean I never wore ear muffs until a few years ago and yeah we were stupid, but that’s the way the world was y’know. You never wore protective clothing. You never had gloves, you never wore protective boots until the laws passed and the companies had to supply them. I would go back tomorrow, go back from the beginning.