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Stan Messinger

Stan was born and grew up in Wallsend in 1939.

He started his apprenticeship at Swan Hunter in April 1955. His apprenticeship lasted five years and at the end he became a qualified shipwright. He worked at Swan Hunter for one more year before moving to Walker Naval Yard where he worked for five years from 1964-69. He then went back to Swan Hunter in 1971 and worked there until 1984.

Stan was interviewed by Alex Magin on 21 November 2007. The interview took place at the Phoenix Centre in Wallsend and lasted for 27 minutes.

Stan Messinger's Memories

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What was it like working there?

Well you were left to your own devices as a liner off, which I mostly worked in over the years. And the foreman would used to come and see you at odd times during the day, but if he didn’t see you – you’d see him before you left for home, because you had to put your cards into the office to be signed each day by the foreman, or you wouldn’t get paid!