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Tom Elliot

Tom was born at Fellview, Crawcrook on 19 October 1919. His father was a butcher and his mother worked in the haulage business. In 1939 Tom joined the army and served for six years. Afterwards, Tom re-started the haulage business, and they began to buy ex-army vehicles which were good for the work at the Neptune Yard. Tom worked as a haulage contractor excavating the Wallsend Dock.

Tom talks about his experiences of excavating the Dock and working as a haulage contractor on Tyneside.

Tom was interviewed by Laura Brown on 21 February 2007. The interview took place at the participants home and lasted for 46 minutes.

Tom Elliot's Memories

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So could you describe to me what an average shift was like?

An average shift?

If there’s such a thing as an average shift?

Well we used to start about half past six and we’d work ‘til half six, seven o’clock in the morning and then we had to travel home, which sometimes would take nearly an hour! So there wasn’t much time left for family life, or pleasure, it was you might say all work and sleep and eat! So that went on for almost 12 month.