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Bob Crozier

Bob was born on 4 September 1935 in village originally known as Dinnington Colliery, now known as Brunswick Village. He lived there until he got married, at the age of twenty-two.

Bob started working at Swan Hunter in 1950, in the electrical drawing office as an office boy aged fifteen. Bob worked at Swan Hunter as an electrical engineer.

Bob talks about his experiences as an apprentice and his memories of Swan Hunter.

Bob was interviewed by Alex Magin on 19 February 2007. The interview took place at Segedunum Roman Fort, Baths and Museum and lasted for 1 hour 10 minutes.

Bob Crozier's Memories

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We had some fun and games mind you! Oh dear me – fun and games. Because I mean there was a lot of apprentices at the particular time. In fact they were queuing up to be apprentices and they couldn’t really start all of them – there was that many. But we had a really good squad of apprentices. Some of the funny things that happened! This is the naughty boy again coming out! The toilets in the ship yard  were, the urinals were downstairs inside, which were ok – you could go in and out no problem with that, but to sit on a toilet you had go upstairs and there was a guy at the bottom and you couldn’t take your newspaper up because that was frowned upon and it was open – open to the elements upstairs and there was just small dividers about waist height shall we say and a long zinc trough with water running in at one end and you could sit and talk to the next guy to you! (laughs) It was brilliant! But being the naughty boy I used to smuggle newspaper in under my boiler suit and I used to make little folded up boats right, and I used to light it and send it off down the trough and you’ve never seen the number of people leaping in the air with burnt backsides in your life. And of course you were all innocent y’know what’s going on? You know you knew nothing about it! What’s happening? Why are they all jumping up? But it was Robert who’d set them off with the burning ship! (laughs) That was just one of the things!