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Brian Taylor

Brian was born in November 1938 in Cullercoats. His father was a local fisherman and his mother was a cleaner. Brian went to Cullercoats School then aged eleven he went to Linskill High School in North Shields. At the end of 1953, he left school and went to work at Smith Docks.

Brian started working at Swan Hunter after he was made redundant in 1969. He worked at Swan Hunter between March 1970 and December 1994 as a plater and progressed to being a foreman.

Brian talks about his experiences of working at Swan Hunter and also his experience of working abroad in Japan for eight months.

Brian was interviewed by Alex Magin on 19 February 2007. The interview took place at Segedunum Roman Fort, Baths and Museum and lasted for 45 minutes.


Brian Taylor's Memories

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I loved it. In fact I still miss it! It was like working with your family y’know and everybody knew everybody else. I mean there was some people didn’t like other people but it never bothered me, everybody was a friend as far as I was concerned!  You used to get to know the guys when they worked with you for a long time y‘know  and you could know on a Monday morning when they came in – you would be waiting for them on the gangway and tell them what was required and you knew by the look in their eyes whether body positions or body language and you would make a mental note of it and then you would speak to them on your way around ‘what’s the matter with you?’  ‘oh such and such’ and I’d say look come and see us a 9’oclock. So we used to go at 9o’clock and start writing your cards out. They would come in a sit down like  doctors surgery – ‘what’s the matter?’ and if I couldn’t help them  we had a great human relations department – ring them up and ask them ‘have you got such and such? Could you arrange to see this guy?’ and that’s the kind of company we worked for! If you had problems they could sort them out for you. I mean sometimes it was just that they were too full of drink form the night before – give them a couple of tablets, pat them on the head and say ‘you’ll be alright in an hour!’ And they loved it y’know you’d get twice as much work out of them and I didn’t see anything wrong in it, I thought it was just part of my job.