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Brian Taylor

Brian was born in November 1938 in Cullercoats. His father was a local fisherman and his mother was a cleaner. Brian went to Cullercoats School then aged eleven he went to Linskill High School in North Shields. At the end of 1953, he left school and went to work at Smith Docks.

Brian started working at Swan Hunter after he was made redundant in 1969. He worked at Swan Hunter between March 1970 and December 1994 as a plater and progressed to being a foreman.

Brian talks about his experiences of working at Swan Hunter and also his experience of working abroad in Japan for eight months.

Brian was interviewed by Alex Magin on 19 February 2007. The interview took place at Segedunum Roman Fort, Baths and Museum and lasted for 45 minutes.


Brian Taylor's Memories

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You’ve mentioned the car rally’s – can you just explain a bit what they were?

Right Car Rally – more like a fun rally, but you had to use your car! You would start off – pick a starting point – a car park – a big car park in some pub somewhere and then this lad and I would drive different places in the area – pick a landmark and write it down and write your mileage down y’know like how many miles it took to get there, write an inscription to describe what your looking at and then they had to write that, go to the next one and the next one. I think we used to try and get it about 20-22 mile because you couldn’t drive fast, you could only drive at a certain time – you had to put your time down when you got to each – so if you were speeding we knew you were cheating, so and then you would o to the next one. I mean I remember the one at just as you come into Shiremoor, at the top of Shiremoor, beside the Northumberland Arms there was a little war memorial tucked into the side, but you had to drive right past it and go on the right road to see it! And then you had to write down what was on it and how many names was on it, then we would go to the next one through Holystone and down to the coast and along the coast – St Mary’s Island was a obvious one and different things like that. It was absolutely great fun, absolutely great fun!

How many people would take part?

Surprisingly up to about 40 cars! So you’ve got about 80 people! 80 people I mean we only charged enough so we could have a lovely puffy and a couple of drinks! We used to go to the Bay Hotel – upstairs in the big back room, upstairs – absolutely great!