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Brian Taylor

Brian was born in November 1938 in Cullercoats. His father was a local fisherman and his mother was a cleaner. Brian went to Cullercoats School then aged eleven he went to Linskill High School in North Shields. At the end of 1953, he left school and went to work at Smith Docks.

Brian started working at Swan Hunter after he was made redundant in 1969. He worked at Swan Hunter between March 1970 and December 1994 as a plater and progressed to being a foreman.

Brian talks about his experiences of working at Swan Hunter and also his experience of working abroad in Japan for eight months.

Brian was interviewed by Alex Magin on 19 February 2007. The interview took place at Segedunum Roman Fort, Baths and Museum and lasted for 45 minutes.


Brian Taylor's Memories

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Well in those days, let say right a normal day you’d meet up with your – the guy you were working with ‘cause you always worked in pairs like I said. You would go to the central stores, you would draw a set of burning equipment out you would have you welding cable – you would have to take that with you! Wherever you got sent by the foreman – he would tell you where to go and what was required. You would go and find that work station and try and get set up and then off you would go! Start at – if you wanted to do burning you could progress you own. If there was major burning to do, or precise burning you would get a burner to come – an expert burner to come and do it.

What was it like doing that job?

Well….great, because you were working! That was the think – you were working y’know and you were kept busy. At one time when we worked on the big tankers – the super tankers. It could take you from half past 7 in the morning, when you do your equipment out it could be quarter past 8 before you got on your job, it was so far to go – up the ship – down inside the ship and all the way along to wherever you were working – 3 quarters of an hour was nothing!