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Duncan Nicholson

Duncan was born in Leeds, Yorkshire.

Duncan’s earliest memories of Swan Hunter was when he was about six or seven years old when his father, a ship enthusiast, brought him to Tyneside on a visit. Duncan first lived on Tyneside as an apprentice at the Stag Line Company at the age of sixteen.

Duncan talks about his experiences of Swan Hunter as an apprentice at Stag Line and his time at sea.

Duncan was interviewed by Laura Brown on 6 February 2007. The interview took place at Discovery Museum, Newcastle-upon-Tyne and lasted for 32 minutes.

Duncan Nicholson's Memories

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Although I’d always known about Swan Hunters, I mean when I was 9 my father had come up to attend the launch of the Northern Star, which was one of the last large passenger liners that Swan Hunters built and y’know I was there with him in spirit even though it was a school day and I don’t think he even got a ticket for me, he didn’t take me off school, but I was very excited by that, I mean even living in a land locked city in the middle of England that I was more associated with Tyneside and seaports and what my father was doing than I was in what was going on in Leeds. So I’d always known about it and I’d always been attracted by going to see an exciting prospect and even though I was not impressed by having been dumped their by my parents and having to sort of fend for myself for the first time in my life it was an exciting experience that sort of stuck in my mind.