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George Leitch

George was born in Wallsend in 1915. His family lived on Sunningdale Avenue in Wallsend until 1923, when they moved to Park Road in Wallsend. Both of George’s parents were from Scotland and had moved to the North East from Clydeside in 1913.

George’s father was Head Foreman Iron Stock taker at Swan Hunter from 1913-1946 - and was sixty-nine when his service ended.

George was interviewed by Alex Magin on 16 March 2007. The interview took place in the participant's home and lasted for 21 minutes.

George Leitch's Memories

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Can you tell me of any childhood memories of Swan Hunter?

Well, my only memories are of visiting my father on occasions in his small, kind of cubicle, in an office, in the yard.  You went up a ladder to it which he shared with a number of his fellow foremen.  Sometimes I think, I was taking his tea for him, in the busy times when he sometimes worked right through.

Apart from the noise, I remember thinking how brave so many of the workmen were, to be working so high up which was inevitable on a big ship.